Italian Far-Left: Teen Raped and Murdered by Migrants Was ‘Lucky’

A resident stands by the entrance of a sequestered derelict building in the San Lorenzo district of Rome on October 24, 2018, a week after a female teenager was found dead in the building. - Italy's Interior minister Matteo Salvini paid a visit to the neighborhood on October 24, a …

A Facebook page belonging to a far-left Italian group has said that 16-year-old Desirèe Mariottini was “lucky” after being drugged, raped, and murdered, allegedly by a group of migrants, because she’s seen as a victim.

The post, which was put up on the Potere al Popolo or “Power to the People” page, says that the murdered 16-year-old was “lucky” to be killed by migrants saying that there would not be as much outrage among regular Italians if her alleged killers were not migrants, Il Giornale reports.

“It highlights that there are no rights actually recognised for women, everything depends on those who hurt you,” the author, who is part of an “anti-racist” group said.

“Desirèe’s fortune is the tragedy of thousands of women abused and harassed by Italian men,” the author said and added, “Days pass and Desirèe gets more and more innocent: she was a junkie but now maybe they drugged her behind her back, indeed she was not even looking for drugs.”

The murder of the teen in the San Lorenzo quarter of Rome shocked many in Italy including populist Interior Minister Matteo Salvini who said, “I will do everything to make the worms guilty of this horror pay,” following the arrest of two Senegalese migrant men and a Nigerian illegal migrant who were all thought to have been involved with the crime.

Prosecutors in the case have said they believe that the teen was drugged to keep her unconscious during the rape but also proposed that the men who drugged her gave her enough to cause her death on purpose.

The murder is just the latest high profile case to involve migrants in Italy this year. Earlier this year, shortly before the Italian general election, a Nigerian drug dealer was arrested in connection with the brutal killing of 18-year-old Pamela Mastropietro whose body was dismembered and left in suitcases by the side of a road in Macerata.

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