Oxford Scholars Ride to the Rescue of Cambridge Scholar Accused by Leftists of ‘Wrongthink’

Oli Scarff/Getty

Oxford scholars have ridden to the rescue of the Cambridge scholar who was being hounded by academic leftists for alleged “Wrongthink”.

In a letter to the Times of London today, PhD students from Nuffield College, Oxford, defend Dr Noah Carl — the Cambridge University researcher accused by the left-wing academic bully mob of promulgating “racist pseudoscience.”

The Oxford students write:

“We are not writing to corroborate Dr Carl’s conclusions. We are simply concerned by the use of popular opinion as the arbiter of truth. This is dangerous.

The letter’s signatories may be experts in their own fields but they do not have the subject expertise to judge Dr Carl’s research. That responsibility falls to peer review. Popularity should not be allowed to take the place of intellectual debate. A young researcher’s career and reputation are at stake; the bar should surely be higher than innuendo in an online letter anyone can sign.”

The letter’s signatories are former colleagues of Carl’s. Their names do not suggest that racism is one of Carl’s vices. They are: Yuan Zhu; Abishek Parajuli; Jasmine Bahtia.


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