Unpublished Swedish Report Reveals Migrant Costs Far Higher than Govt Claims


A leaked unpublished document from Sweden’s Justice Ministry has revealed that the costs of mass migration are far higher than figures currently expressed by the government.

The document comes after the new coalition government agreed to relax the rules for chain migration, or “family reunification”, which will likely lead to a larger influx of migrants than previously estimated.

Following the announcement of the policy, the Swedish Migration Board sent the report to the Justice Ministry which calculated the added costs in the millions. Despite the reports, Swedish Social Democrat Justice Minister Morgan Johansson has referred to prior, much less costly, figures throughout the week, Expressen reports.

The previous report, compiled in Septemeber of last year, estimated that chain migration would cost Swedish taxpayers  910 million Swedish kronor (£76.15 million) from 2019 to 2021. The new estimate sees that number increase to 1.365 billion Swedish kronor (£114.2 million) over the same period.

Chain migration has been one of the driving forces of immigration, along with new asylum claims, over the last year, with both accounting for a large section of the total residency permits granted in 2018 according to figures from the Migration Board published earlier this month.

Chain migration is also being seen in other countries like Germany, with the country granting 230,000 family reunion visas from January 2015 until June of 2017. Some estimates suggest another 390,000 Syrians could also be eligible for the programme.

According to Belgian senator Alain Destexhe, chain migration is the biggest challenge facing Europe with respect to immigration.

In a recent interview with French newspaper Le Figaro, he said: “A large part of the immigrant population is not integrated, neither economically (it depends strongly on the social system), nor culturally, which is even more serious: they live according to value systems that are sometimes incompatible with our laws, our history, and our traditions.”

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