Far-Left Extremists Take Credit for Firebombing French Radio Station

Antifa Berkeley (Amy Osborne / AFP / Getty)

Far-left anarchists have taken credit for firebombing an office of France Bleu Isère, denouncing the French radio broadcaster as being part of an “industrial hypnosis collective.”

The offices were attacked Sunday night in the French city of Grenoble, with one office inside being partially destroyed by fire, France Bleu reports.

Credit for the attack was published on Tuesday on a well-known website linked to the far-left anarchist movement in France with a statement that read, “A lot of people leak news about the media to criticise them, they do not leak gasoline in their buildings to set them on fire.”

“Of all the domineers that exist, the one I hate the most is the journalist,” the statement continued and denounced the broadcaster as being a part of the “industrial hypnosis collective.”

The prosecutor of the Republic of Grenoble Éric Vaillant remained cautious about the veracity of the statement and said he was awaiting further examination of it.

“We feel that the authors who wrote on these blogs are quite favourable to these fires but I think it’s too early, much too early, to talk about the claim,” he said.

The firebombing comes only weeks after the bombing of an office of the German populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) and a later brutal attack on the party’s Bremen chairman Frank Magnitz.

Much like the France Bleu fire, credit for the attack on Magnitz, who sits as an MP in the German parliament, was posted to a well-known web platform linked to far-left extremism called “Indymedia.”

The Bremen police said they were investigating the claim by “Antifaschistischer Frühling Bremen” (“Antifascist Spring Bremen”) to assess the credibility of the post.

In 2017, following the Hamburg G20 “Welcome to Hell” riots organised by far-left extremists that saw hundreds of police injured, shops looted, and millions of euros in damages, German authorities shut down the “Linksunten” webpage on Indymedia which had previously hosted posts taking credit for attacks.

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