‘Assassination Guide’ Directed at German Populists Posted on Antifa-Linked Site

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Calls for the assassination of several major figures in the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD), including detailed instructions on how to do so, have been found on a web platform linked to Antifa far-left extremists.

The post was made on the infamous “Indymedia” web platform that has long been used by far-left extremists in Germany and called for the murder of several AfD MPs, including co-chairs Alexander Gauland and Alice Weidel, Tichys Einblick reports.

Under the title ‘The AfD and the election campaign!’ the post calls on Antifa members to examine the dates of AfD public appearances and study maps of venues to escape once they have finished their assassination.

“Antideutsche Antifa Untergrund”, or Anti-German Antifa Underground, claim authorship of the article which was posted on January 30th, and add that assassins should work in teams of two with women of migrant backgrounds being the most preferable assassins, as the group claim they will be less likely to be scrutinized.

The authors then recommend that others distract the bodyguards of the AfD politicians while the two main assassins, “Slowly pull the weapon and fire the weapons from different positions Double tap on the head of the target.”

“Afterwards everyone takes care of his condition alone and on his own responsibility,” they add, and tell followers to destroy clothing and any vehicles used in their escape.

For weapons, the authors call on Antifa extremists to travel to countries like the Czech Republic or Austria and find “Firearms made of a polymer composite. The Glock 20 10mm is ideal.”

In a statement on the issue AfD foreign spokesman Petr Bystron said, “I was one of the first politicians to call for Antifa to be declared a terrorist organization, and I hope that law enforcement will react now before it is too late, otherwise the blood of the next victim will be on the government’s hands.”

The post comes after another on Indymedia which took credit for the brutal attack on Bremen AfD chairman Frank Magnitz last month.

The notorious website “linksunten”, which was also hosted on Indymedia, was shut down in 2017 following the mass far-left extremist violence at the Hamburg G20. Antifa members and other alt-left extremists would routinely post credit for attacks to the site.

On Thursday night, another attack took place against an AfD MP in Berlin, with three masked far-left extremists torching the car of a local politician in the area of Neukölln.

Police say that one of the suspects has been identified as a former employee of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, an “anti-hate” organisation headed by former Stasi informant Anetta Kahane. The 39-year-old suspect is also described as an extremist expert and author.

Executive Director of the foundation Timo Reinfrank distanced himself from the alleged actions of his former colleague, saying: “We strongly condemn this offence, as we condemn all other forms of political violence. Violence is not a means of political conflict, no matter which direction it comes from.”

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