German Elementary Schools to Install ‘Third Gender’ Bathrooms

Sara D. Davis/Getty Images
Sara D. Davis/Getty Images

Three new elementary schools around Munich in the German state of Bavaria are putting forth a proposal to create a bathroom for a “third gender” for children who do not identify as boys or girls.

In the municipality of Pullach the proposal for the third gender bathrooms comes after the idea was put forward by an external school advisor, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reports.

While the Pullach spokeswoman claimed that the town had not currently even begun the planning stages of a third gender bathroom, the city of Garching said that they had already put the plans in place, and the third school, in the community of Taufkirchen, said they had consulted with an architectural firm about the idea.

The schools would be the first in Bavaria to adopt third gender bathrooms, with a spokesman for the Bavarian Ministry of Education confirming that they were not aware of any other schools that had adopted the idea.

The proposal comes only a month after Germany’s parliament approved of allowing individuals to mark a third gender on their passports and other government documents, following a court ruling that allowed the government the option to scrap gender altogether from official identification papers.

Germany is not the only country to back third gender options on documents. In May of 2018, a Dutch court ruled that lawmakers must recognize the supposed need for a third gender option, writing that “the time is ripe for recognition of a third gender” and going on to call on lawmakers to produce new legislation.

Canada, one of the global leaders of the “progressive” gender agenda, introduced the option of gender “x” on Canadian passports in 2017 to support the Liberal Party government’s “agenda on gender equality, diversity and inclusion.”

Sweden, another highly “progressive” country, has also introduced various schemes revolving around gender identity in schools, with preschools addressing children by the gender-neutral pronoun “hen” and encouraging them to play games traditionally associated with their opposite gender.

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