Lane — Trump’s Lesson for Brexit: ‘Sometimes You Just Have to Walk’

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President Trump has it right — sometimes when you’re trying to negotiate with the spoilt, unaccountable, unelected rulers of a dictatorial foreign power you just have to know when to walk away.

Of course, Trump was talking about North Korea as he walked away from negotiations in Hanoi over Kim Jong-un’s demands to have all sanctions against this country lifted last night.

But Trump also knows his comments are heard and interpreted around the world. As America’s closest ally struggles to find its way through what could have been comparatively simple negotiations with the European Union, one might ask whether President Trump hoped someone in London might be listening.

Speaking at a press conference, Trump said: “You always have to be prepared to walk. I could have 100 per cent signed something today… I would rather do it right. I would rather do it right than fast.”

President Trump has long taken a personal interest in the Brexit process, criticising the deal Theresa May made with the European Union, and promising a major trade deal if the United Kingdom ever managed to escape.

Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May has now bodged Brexit to the extent that she’s moving to cancel the legally enshrined Brexit day of March 29th to keep working on her deal, which President Trump himself once noted was a “great deal for the EU”, and Mr Brexit Nigel Farage himself calls “the worst deal in history”.

As Theresa May herself used to say of Brexit before becoming ideologically wedded to her own plan, and Breitbart’s Joel Pollak writes today of U.S.-North Korea, ‘No Deal’ is better than a bad deal.

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