Turkish Born Utrecht Tram Shooting Suspect Charged With Terror Offences


Turkish born Gökmen Tanis has been charged with killing with terrorist intent and other crimes, after an attack on public transport in the Dutch city of Utrecht which saw three killed.

The charge lays to rest debate and speculation that has raged this week whether Monday’s shooting, which took place onboard a morning tram near the centre of Dutch city Utrecht, was a terror attack or not. Counterclaims included that the shooting was linked to a family or legal dispute and that the killer knew his victims.

Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad reports 37-year-old Gökmen Tanis has now been charged with multiple murder, or manslaughter, with terrorist purpose, and making terrorist threats. He will appear in court tomorrow, Friday 22nd.

The paper reports the comments of the prosecutor, who said of their investigation so far: “As previously reported, no relationship between the suspect and the victims have yet been found.

“The investigation has now also provided indications that the suspect had not received any help from other persons during the shooting incident. Furthermore, it is investigated whether the suspect has acted solely for the sake of a terrorist motive, or whether his actions were based on personal problems in combination with radicalized ideas.”

Suspect Tanis has a long history of contact with the Dutch police, including a pending trial for rape, and 2018 convictions for burglary and shoplifting.

Populist, anti-mass migration Dutch Politician Geert Wilders reacted with anger to the revelation that Tanis had been recently released from prison, where he had been awaiting his trial date for the rape accusation. Hitting out at the Dutch political elite for their open borders, and soft criminal justice policies Mr Wilders — who lives under police guard because of threats against his life by radical Islamists — said the justice minister was “politically responsible” for the deaths.

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