Breakaway Pro-EU Labour and Tory MPs Form CUK Party


The Independent Group (TIG) of breakaway, anti-Brexit MPs from the Labour Party and the Tory left have officially registered as a new politcal party, under the moniker Change UK (CUK).

On the day when the United Kingdom was supposed to be leaving the European Union, the globalist, largely left-liberal “centrists” formerly of the Labour MPs — Chuka Umunna, Gavin Shuker, Luciana Berger, Ann Coffey, Mike Gapes, Chris Leslie, Joan Ryan, and Angela Smith — and the Tory Party — Anna Soubry, Heidi Allen, and Sarah Wollaston — announced they were formally instituting their new parliamentary faction as a political party, Change UK (CUK).

“Tens of thousands of people who signed up to support The Independent Group and thousands of people have been urging us to put forward candidates in the European [Parliament] elections,” beamed Mr Umunna, hitherto regarded as the group’s ad hoc leader, in a video announcement, alongside Ms Allen, who he announced as interim leader.

The United Kingdom is not supposed to be participating in the EU elections in May as things stand, as it is supposed to be leaving the European Union — but it is widely expected that, in the absence of an agreed deal with the bloc, Britain’s Remain-dominated Parliament will move swiftly to scotch a No Deal Brexit on the new No Deal exit deadline of April 12th, and seek a long delay.

This would likely see Britain take part in the EU elections after all — which CUK reportedly believes could act as something of a proxy for a re-run of the EU referendum in 2016.

The group’s formation has not met with universal acclaim, however, with some Brexiteers suggesting it does not make sense for a group which is attempting to resist change, in the form of Britain leaving the European Union in line with the people’s vote to cut ties with the bloc in 2016.

It may also face some resistance from petitions website, which has indicated that it believes the new name infringes on its brand.

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