Poll: Britons Won’t Surrender Meat and Driving to Stop ‘Climate Change’

Demonstrators take part in a pro-environment protest as they block Westminster Bridge in central London on November 17, 2018, to show anger at what they see as government inaction on climate and ecological issues. - Organized by Extinction Rebellion, the protest is part of many taking place this weekend to …

A poll has found that majority of Britons have said that they will not give up meat, driving, or flying to stop alleged man-made climate change, after MPs backed a motion to declare an “environment and climate emergency.”

A Sky Data poll has revealed that over half of Britons, 52 per cent, have said they would not significantly reduce the amount of meat they eat to stop “global warming”, while similar a proportion, 52 per cent, said they would not reduce flying, and 56 per cent said they would not drive less.

The Committee on Climate Change has demanded that Britons undertake a drastic change to their hard-earned lifestyles, including cutting meat consumption, and called on the Government to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030.

The poll came after the British government declared a “climate change emergency” on Wednesday, with Members of Parliament voting to back a motion tabled by far-leftist and leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn.

The Labour Party leader said in the House of Commons: “We are talking about nothing less than the irreversible destruction of the environment within our lifetimes.”

The Tory Party’s environment secretary Michael Gove stopped short of meeting the Labour Party’s demands to officially declare a climate change emergency, but agreed “it is a crisis, it is a threat, that all of us have to unite to meet,” stating there is “a green thread of ambition running through Conservative governments.”

Conservative Party MPs were told not to oppose the motion, and it passed without a vote.

While the motion is non-binding, it is likely to be seized upon by the Green lobby to push for legal restrictions to Britons’ lifestyles, and embolden environmental activist groups like Extinction Rebellion, which brought London to a standstill for nearly a week last month, to undertake further extremist tactics holding the country’s economy ransom in an effort to stop allegedly man-made climate change.

After the vote, Corbyn told environmental activists protesting outside of the Palace of Westminster that the vote “indicates we understand what the emergency is” and called for a “green industrial revolution” and a “green new deal” akin to that proposed by American Democratic Socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Breitbart News’s James Delingpole warned that Communism wrapped in a Green agenda — “green on the outside, red on the inside” — would “bring about the death of the British economy,” writing:

Carbon dioxide is a by-product of every industrial process; Britain’s energy economy is still primarily underpinned by fossil fuels, with intermittent, heavily subsidised renewables only providing a small fraction of the total; motor transport is still overwhelmingly petrol- or diesel-driven. Shifting to 100 per cent renewables by 2025 — as Extinction Rebellion is demanding — would be quite literally impossible without causing catastrophic damage to Britain’s jobs, international competitiveness, energy security, standards of living, credit rating, and economy.

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