Turning Point’s Charlie Kirk: Johnson, Trump Could Have ‘Unprecedented Alliance’

Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk has said that if Boris Johnson becomes prime minister, he and U.S. President Donald J Trump “could have an unprecedented alliance”.

Speaking to Breitbart News Network’s James Delingpole at the launch of Turning Point UK, a right-wing student movement with an established chapter in the United States, Mr Kirk said that if he could “Make Britain Great Again”, he would “embrace the Trump energy” and lower taxes, cut regulation, and “create a bilateral trade agreement with the United States”.

The American said of Conservative Party leader frontrunner Mr Johnson: “If we’re under the assumption that Boris Johnson is going to be prime minister, him and Trump could have an unprecedented alliance. They could sign a bilateral trade agreement.”

President Trump has praised Brexit and pledged on a number of occasions that once the UK leaves the EU, he wants to sign a “phenomenal” trade deal.

On free trade agreements, the student organiser said: “Can we get back to the idea of bilateral trade agreements? Why do we have to have all this ridiculous World Trade Organization stuff? Have deal-by-deal-by-deal and that would really scare the Europeans. It would scare the globalists in a big, big way.”

The United Kingdom voted to leave the EU just over three years ago — on June 23rd, 2016 — with outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May failing to deliver on Britons’ mandate, while establishment politicians on both the right and left have attempted to frustrate or cancel Brexit altogether.

Mr Kirk touched upon the national mood and the effect that that delay has had, saying if he were in the position to, he “would also just reinvigorate the idea of economic nationalism and that Britain can be the centre for productivity and investment and entrepreneurship again”.

“I just find that talking about how things can get better can do a lot of good things,” Mr Kirk continued. “Trump has done this in America. I just feel like this country has gone through a malaise in the last couple of years for no good reason. That’s because there’s been no leader. It’s been a joke and I hope Boris Johnson can do it for this great country because it has such an amazing history.”

Mr Johnson is facing off against foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt for the party leadership, with Conservative members voting for their preferred candidate in a postal ballot. The victor, and next prime minister, is expected to be announced on July 23rd.


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