Sabotage: Lib Dems Write to EU President Urging Him Not to Do a Brexit Deal with Boris Johnson


Anti-Brexit Liberal Democrat MEPs have written to Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, urging him not to do a Brexit deal with Prime Minister Boris Johnson — as they believe they can still stop it from happening.

“As 16 Liberal Democrat members of the European Parliament, elected with a clear mandate to stop Brexit and remain in the European Union, we wish to remind you that there are millions of pro-European UK citizens who are fighting for an alternative to Brexit,” they wrote — with “fighting for an alternative to Brexit” being a euphemism for overturning the Leave vote of 2016 and remaining in the European Union.

Their letter was prompted by President Juncker telling Sky News that “Brexit will happen” and “we can have a deal” — comments very much at odds with the narrative pushed by Remain holdouts in the United Kingdom.

“The Liberal Democrat campaign for a People’s Vote” — their preferred term for re-running the 2016 in order to overturn the actual people’s vote for Brexit — “is stronger than ever,” the MEPs claimed in their letter, without citing any figures.

“[I]f we secure it we will urge voters to keep the UK in the EU,” they added.

“On behalf of the millions of pro-Europeans we represent in the UK, we ask for your patience and support at this difficult time for our country,” the letter concludes.

“We do not believe Brexit is inevitable and neither should you.”

In fact, it is now the Liberal Democrats’ policy to simply cancel Brexit outright if they find themselves in a position to form a government, by revoking Theresa May’s activation of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which began the countdown to Brexit — which has already been delayed twice.

This position confirms “the Liberal Democrats have turned their back on liberal democracy altogether by deciding that they and no one else may decide what is good for us”, in the estimation the Brexit Party’s Brian Monteith MEP.

Indeed, asked by the BBC if she would respect the people’s decision to break free from the European Union if they voted for Brexit a second time, leader of the Liberal Democrats Jo Swinson said: “No, because I was elected on a firm manifesto pledge for… Britain’s place in the European Union, and that’s what Liberal Democrats are here to do… I’m not going to change my view on what I think is right for our country.”

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