Boris Johnson Slams ‘Hamas-Backing, IRA-Supporting’ Corbyn

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson has lambasted Jeremy Corbyn, citing the 70-year-old socialist’s connections to terrorist organisations like Hamas and the IRA.

Boris Johnson called Jeremy Corbyn a “Hamas-backing, IRA-supporting, antisemitism-condoning appeaser of the Kremlin”, in a speech given at JCB Cab Manufacturing Centre’s headquarters on Tuesday night.

“If you doubt me, look at what his health spokesman said today, Jon Ashworth. He revealed that he thought his own leader is a security risk,” said Johnson.

“Jon Ashworth made it absolutely clear that the reason Mr Corbyn is failing to persuade some people to vote for him is he is blocking Brexit – he won’t get Brexit done. Don’t just listen to me, look at what his health spokesman Jon Ashworth has said. He is absolutely right,” he concluded.

Mr Johnson was referring to a leaked audiotape released on Tuesday that recorded the Labour shadow health minister, Jonathan Ashworth, criticising Corbyn as a threat to national security and that the far-left leader has left the Labour Party in a “dire” election position outside of London because of Corbyn’s stance on Brexit.

On Wednesday, 15 former Labour MPs urged voters to reject Corbyn, placing adverts in newspapers across the country, saying: “Jeremy Corbyn: not fit to be Prime Minister.”  The group cited the Labour leader’s handling of allegations of antisemitism in the party, and said that he is “weak on national security”.

Jeremy Corbyn has long been criticised as a risk to national security for his links to the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and his support for Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist organisation.

In 2017, it was unearthed that MI5, the United Kingdom’s domestic security agency, opened the file on Corbyn in light of his support for a member of the IRA-linked Balcombe Street gang, which embarked on a 14-month long bombing campaign in England during the 1970s.

Corbyn was also arrested in 1986 while he was taking part in an IRA protest organised to “show solidarity” with terrorists including the Brighton bomber Patrick Magee.

The radical leader has extended his support for Middle Eastern terrorists as well. In 2012, the socialist opposition leader appeared on an Iranian television program entitled Remember Palestine, in which Corbyn referred to over 1,000 convicted Hamas terrorists as “brothers”.

In November, former Labour MP Ian Austin beseeched “decent, patriotic” Labour supporters to vote for Boris in order to stop Corbyn from taking power.

“I don’t think he’s a patriot. I don’t think he loves this country. He always picks this country’s enemies — whether that’s the IRA during the Troubles, describing Hamas and Hezbollah as his ‘friends’, or parroting Putin’s propaganda when the Russians sent hitmen to murder people on the streets of Britain,” said Austin.

The septuagenarian socialist has also drawn criticism for his support of Communist regimes, and his links to radical socialist movements across Europe.

Jeremy Corbyn’s worrying links to enemies of the British state prompted the former head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove, to uncharacteristically enter the political fray in November to denounce Corbyn.

“Corbyn as Prime Minister, together with his current advisers, could be a present danger to our country,” wrote Dearlove.

“His radical past portrays the truth about what type of politician he was, a political relative of the gang of Communist henchmen who created East Germany,” the former MI6 boss warned.

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