Greta™: Thunberg Moves to Trademark Her Name and ‘Fridays for Future’

Swedish environment activist Greta Thunberg looks on during a joint hearing before the Hou

Swedish climate alarmism activist teen Greta Thunberg has made steps to trademark her name and the “Fridays for Future” term, claiming both were being used by others to make a profit.

Thunberg announced her intentions to trademark the terms “Fridays for Future,” “Skolstrejk för klimatet,” and her own name on social media platform Instagram, complaining that, “my name and the #FridaysForFuture movement are constantly being used for commercial purposes without any consent whatsoever.”

“Unfortunately there are still people who are trying to impersonate me or falsely claim that they ‘represent’ me in order to communicate with high profile people, politicians, media, artists etc,” she said and apologized to anyone who may have been misled by such people.

She went on to add, “This action is to protect the movement and its activities. It is also needed to enable my pro bono legal help to take necessary action against people or corporations etc who are trying to use me and the movement in purposes not in line with what the movement stands for.”

Thunberg also announced she and her family will be setting up a non-profit foundation stating, “It is just something that is needed for handling money (book royalties, donations, prize money etc) in a completely transparent way.”

“The foundation’s aim will be to promote ecological, climatic and social sustainability as well as mental health,” she said.

The announcement comes after Thunberg scolded globalist leaders at the World Economic Conference in Davos, Switzerland, earlier this month.

“We had a few demands (coming into the World Economic Forum). Of course these demands have been completely ignored. We expected nothing less,” she told the conference attendees.

It was also revealed earlier this month that much of Thunbergs social media posts on Facebook are not actually written by her personally, but rather by her father, Svante Thunberg, or Adarsh Prathap, an Indian climate change activist.

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