WATCH: ‘Black Radical’ Protester Warns Against Having Children with White People

Kurt Zindulka / Breitbart News

A speaker at a Black Lives Matter protest in London warned against having “a child with a white person” as she called for “revolution” and to “overthrow the system” on Saturday.

The left-wing mob had gathered in Parliament Square in London in defiance of the coronavirus lockdown to protest over the death of George Floyd in the United States and the supposed implicit racism they believe is ingrained in the British and American systems of government.

In a Breitbart News Network exclusive video, protestors were seen chanting slogans such as “silence is racism”, “no justice, no peace… no racist police”, and “the UK is not innocent” in an attempt to link instances of police violence in the United States with policing in Britain.

One of the speakers at the Black Lives Matter rally said in a message for inter-racial couples: “Do not have a child with a white person unless you know they are willing to do the work to support that child.”

She explained that she was brought up in a mixed-race family, saying: “I am the product of an inter-racial relationship that failed me. I was not educated on my history, I was not educated on my rights, and I was left feeling like I was aggressive as an innate part of me, not because of racism.”

“When I was bullied and told I was aggressive, I thought it was me, I thought I was the problem. I didn’t realise that the system was the problem,” she declared.

The leftist speaker also went on to demand that people “have those difficult conversations with your racist grandad, with your racist grandma, because we need their votes at the end of the day. Until we have a revolution where we don’t need voting systems — the Labour Party, the Conservative Party — and I know those conversations are uncomfortable but black people have been uncomfortable.”

Echoing calls from left-wing activists and politicians in America, she also urged those present at the demonstration to “research ways to defund the police, ways we can navigate this because we need change… enough is enough.”

“The protest does not end here, go home, educate yourselves, find the black radicals, be the black radicals we need to overthrow the system,” she urged.

Another BLM activist — apparently unaware of the illegality of mass gatherings during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic — questioned: “If you want to shout and scream at me that every life matters, why are you not in the streets showing me that my black life matters?”

Although the mainstream news coverage of the protests tended to characterise them as “mostly peaceful”, the demonstrations turned violent on Whitehall off the Prime Minister’s Downing Street residence.

The protests in London come one week after Black Lives Matter and Antifa swarmed onto the streets of the British capital over the weekend calling “to burn this shit down” and celebrating the chaos and riots in America as a sign that the “West is Falling”.

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