Watch: Farage Releases Footage of Latest Illegal Boat Migrants Loaded Onto Coaches at Dover

DOVER, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 29: UK Border Force boats patrol Dover Harbour as British immigration minister Caroline Nokes visits UK Border force staff at Dover Marina on December 29, 2018 in Dover, England. The growing number of migrants attempting to cross the English Channel has been declared a "major incident" …
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Brexit leader Nigel Farage has released more footage of illegal boat migrants being brought ashore and loaded onto coaches by the British Border Force, saying the numbers are “so overwhelming” that the government is resorting to busing migrants “all over the country”.

On Wednesday, dozens more illegal migrants reached British shores after crossing the English Channel from France. The migrants will be added to the ever-increasing toll, which has already surpassed the total number recorded last year in just six months.

The crossings on Wednesday, which according to the Daily Mail were comprised of Iranian, Sudanese, and Kuwaiti men, bring the total number of illegal boat migrants to 2,226, compared to last year which saw 1,890 migrants cross the channel.

Mr Farage released footage of the migrants being escorted onto British soil by immigration officials, before being boarded onto coaches, which will presumably take them to immigration processing facilities, from where they will likely be released into the country.

In the past seven weeks alone, 1,100 illegal migrants have reached the country by boat, none of whom have been deported. Since the beginning of last year, just 155 migrants have successfully been deported by the British government, despite promises from Home Secretary Priti Patel.

On Tuesday, the Minister for Immigration Compliance and the Courts, Chris Philp repeated the standard government response of vowing to crack down on people-smuggling gangs

“Using all the skills of Border Force, the National Crime Agency, Immigration Enforcement and French Law enforcement, we are determined to dismantle these ruthless criminal gangs who facilitate these crossings and put people’s lives in danger and bring them to justice,”  Philip said.

On Monday, Mr Farage blasted the “Conservative in name only” government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, labelling their response to the growing migrant crisis as “weak” and “pathetic”.

“The fault lies firmly, squarely with the British government. We are weak, we are pathetic, we don’t send people away who fail to get asylum, we just allow them to keep applying and appealing until in the end they pretty much get what they want,” Farage said.

The veteran Brexit campaigner also took aim at the government for failing to deport the 25-year-old Lybian migrant suspect in the Reading terror attack, Khairi Saadallah, who reportedly came to the UK illegally before being granted asylum.

Despite being imprisoned as well as allegedly having been on MI5’s terrorist watch list, he was free to remain in the country as the government refuses to deport people to failed states such as Libya.

“The idea we couldn’t send this person back to Libya because he might not be safe in Libya, well what about the safety of British citizens? What about the fact that it’s the first duty of government to protect its own citizens?” Farage questioned.

“So please Boris no more bleating, no more head shaking, no more saying we must learn the lessons. We’ve heard it just too many times,” he added.

“We’ve got to make it clear that nobody that comes here illegally will be allowed to stay and until we have a government that does that… until we have a government that actually wants to be a little bit conservative for a change, nothing is going to get better,” Farage warned.

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