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UK Border Force

Revealed: UK Border Force Intercepts 200 Illegal Migrants A Day

Home Office figures show the UK Border Force intercepted 200 illegal migrants every day in the month prior to Britain’s referendum on leaving the European Union (EU), and MPs admit this number is just “the tip of the iceberg”.


MPs Call for Warships to Patrol British Shores to Boost National Security

Britain’s border security is “clearly under-resourced”, MPs have found, leaving the country’s front door wide open to people smugglers. They have recommended that it be supplemented with warships drafted in to provide security for the country’s small ports to guard


Calais Migrant Crisis Latest: Stowaway Detection Monitors Go On Sale

A carbon dioxide detector which can alert truck drivers to illegal migrants hiding in their loads went on sale in Britain yesterday. The product is aimed at freight companies such as those using the French port of Calais where hundreds of migrants have been boarding Britain-bound