‘Allah Akbar’ Nunchuck Migrant Attacks Italian Police

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Italian police arrested a 29-year-old Egyptian national after the migrant attacked the officers while armed with Japanese-style nunchucks and yelling “Allah hu Akbar”.

The incident took place after the Egyptian national initially threatened municipal workers in the town of Fiumicino just outside of Rome on Tuesday. The man came to the office with his dog. He is said to have reached into his bag and pulled out a pair of nunchucks and other weapons to threaten officials.

Police arrived on the scene shortly after the threats were made, according to a report from newspaper Il Giornale, and upon seeing the officers, the Egyptian attempted to escape but was soon located by police.

“I will set the whole town on fire if I don’t get the papers,” the Egyptian shouted at the police and unleashed his dog which bit on of the officers in the arm.

After subduing the migrant, police discovered a knife and a pair of scissors in the bag along with the man’s nunchucks. The man continued to yell at the officers while in custody, shouting “Allah hu Akbar” as he was taken into the local police station.

The case is just the latest attack by a migrant against Italian police officers in recent years. Earlier this year in Turin, migrants at a repatriation centre attacked police with bricks.

The migrants, mainly North Africans, wounded 13 people after climbing on the roof of the building and raining down bricks on police and two army soldiers.

Last year, a Senegalese illegal migrant attacked police with an iron bar in Turin while also yelling “Allah hu Akbar”. He seriously injured one of the officers who was struck in the head, while another suffered injuries to his hand.

Police are not the only emergency workers to be attacked by migrants. Last month, much of Italy was shocked after it was reported that an African migrant had raped a nurse. She had been attacked while heading home after her shift at a hospital in Naples, where she had been battling the Wuhan coronavirus.

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