Farage: Marxist BLM Has Agenda That ‘Would Make Lenin Blush’

Sasha Johnson
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has said that the people behind Black Lives Matter have an agenda that “would make Lenin blush”, warning that the movement does not want racial justice but seeks to tear down Western civilisation.

Speaking to supporters during a Facebook live stream on Thursday, Mr Farage remarked on the speed with which Black Lives Matter hijacked the death of black American George Floyd for its own purposes.

The movement was rapidly imported to the United Kingdom under the banner of Black Lives Matter UK, and sports teams, the media, politicians, police, and church leaders were quick to parrot BLM narratives that Britain was a fundamentally racist country.

“If this was about equality of opportunity, if this was about a fair and just society, if this was about everybody, regardless of who they are, being treated fairly, squarely, and evenly, I wouldn’t have a problem,” Mr Farage said.

“But we need to draw a distinction between what those three words [black lives matter] represents and the Black Lives Matters movement,” which he said was funded by wealthy special interest groups “with an agenda that I think would have made Lenin blush”.

“This is about all-out Marxism. It’s about the destruction of capitalism. It’s about getting rid of the nation-state as we know it. Of course, it’s about defunding the police,” the Brexit Party leader continued.

He then criticised the British press for failing to do even basic research on the Black Lives Matter movement before espousing opinions on it.

Reflecting on his widely reported altercation with a panel on Good Morning Britain some weeks ago, Farage said that when he “explained that Black Lives Matter was about defunding the police, that it wasn’t actually about racial equality, it was about anarchy, it was about destroying all the symbols of this and every other Western country, and what we stood for, I was outright called a liar. And yet, the truth, now, slowly is beginning to come out.”

Black Lives Matter has been openly talking about defunding the police most recently since May 2020. However, following recent BLMUK tweets in support of defunding the police and promoting the antisemitic conspiracy that the Jewish state of Israel is ‘gagging’ political discussions, some of BLMUK’s most vocal supporters began to distance themselves from it.

England’s Premier League football — whose players took the knee at numerous games and wore ‘Black Lives Matter’ emblazoned on the back of their shirts — claimed that while it was against all forms of racism, it did not “endorse any political organisation or movement, nor support any group that calls for violence or condones illegal activity”.

The leader of the Labour Party Sir Keir Starmer — who along with dozens of his MPs kneeled for BLM — claimed that he did not support the anarcho-Marxist group’s call to “abolish” or ‘defund’ the police. However, Starmer u-turned again and agreed to take “unconscious bias training” for daring to call Black Lives Matter a “moment” instead of a “defining moment”.

While the establishment media has been running with pieces reporting claims that Black Lives Matter has been only recently hijacked by the “hard-left”, the history of the movement has clearly been of the Marxist persuasion.

American co-founder of Black Lives Matter Patrisse Cullors called for alleged racist police departments to de “defunded” since 2016. Reports have revealed from at least 2015 that Ms Cullors, who describes herself as a “trained Marxist”, had been mentored by the communist former domestic terrorist Eric Mann. Mann was an associate of Bill Ayers, the former head of the Weather Underground. The militant-left terrorist group took credit for dozens of bombings across the United States during the 1970s, including on the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon, a New York City police station, and the California Attorney General’s office.

“This is about bringing about the end of Western civilisation as we know it, not about racial equality. We should absolutely not be backing the Black Lives Matter movement,” Farage said.


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