Farage Predicts the Future! Hundreds of Illegal Boat Migrants Cross the Channel

DOVER, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 22: Border Force officials unload migrants, that have been intercepted in the English Channel, in order to process them on September 22, 2020 in Dover, England. This summer has seen an increase in people making the journey in small crafts from France seeking asylum in U.K. …
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Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage was proven right in his prediction that hundreds of illegal boat migrants would make the journey across the English Channel from France on Tuesday, as massive numbers poured into the UK ahead of the changing weather.

At least 300 illegal boat migrants were recorded to have reached the UK on Tuesday, travelling in small rubber boats from France.

A local source told The Telegraph: “It is an absolute deluge today. This is the last window of opportunity before the weather turns. The coastguard have counted in 27 boats, one of which was carrying 32 people.”

On Monday, Brexit leader Nigel Farage predicted that hundreds of migrants would come across the Channel on Tuesday, adding that if he was aware of the massive flood of migrants, then surely the British and French authorities would be as well.

He went on to question if anyone on the British or French side would “lift a finger” to stop the “invasion”.

“Let’s see whether my prediction’s right and let’s see whether anybody has lifted a finger, otherwise we’ll get another army camp full tomorrow,” he proclaimed.

The latest crossings take the official number of illegal boat migrants to over 6,400, more than triple the number that was recorded in 2019.

The first boat was recorded at 4 in the morning, with migrants landing on Shakespeare Beach in Dover. By 8 am the British Border Force had to start collecting migrants in lifeboats as the main vessels had already reached their capacities.

So far, September has been the busiest month for illegal migrant crossings, with migrant numbers quickly approaching 2,000, with one week left to go in the month.

The current record for one day of crossings was set earlier this month when 416 illegal aliens reached British shores on September 2nd.

The massive wave of migrants on Tuesday comes as the Home Office relocated some 400 supposed asylum seekers to an open camp established in the Napier Barracks in Folkstone, Kent. On Monday evening, the first of the migrants were seen entering the camp.

A second migrant camp in the Penally Army Centre is also being considered by the Home Office, as it struggles to house the record numbers of migrants. It is believed that some 250 migrants will be housed in the camp.

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