Khan’s London: Alleged Robbers, Age 15, on Trial for Stabbing Policewoman in Stomach

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Two 15-year-olds accused of stabbing a policewoman in the stomach during a botched robbery in London have been remanded in youth custody and referred to Crown Court.

The teenagers are alleged to have armed themselves with knives and attempted to rob Pimlico Grocery on Chapter Street, Westminster, when two plainclothes police officers intervened, according to a Court News UK report.

Shopkeeper Akmed Kumi had managed to leap over his till to relative safety after the pair allegedly pursued him behind his counter and drew their blades, at which point male officer Police Constable Walker and female officer Police Constable Clarke intervened, having spotted the fracas from a car outside.

The unnamed youths are said to have struggled with the two officers as they attempted to detain them, with first one successfully breaking free and then the other — after stabbing PC Clarke in the stomach.

Nevertheless, the policewoman pursued the suspects for some distance along Vauxhall Bridge Road — stopping only when she realised she had been wounded.

The teenagers were found “attempting to hide in the toilet” of a Pret A Manger sandwich shop nearby, according to prosecutor Beata Murphy.

“Two knives were found on them,” she added.

Darren Snow, the defence lawyer for one of the boys, argued that they should be tried entirely at Highbury Corner Youth Court, where they could only be sentenced to a maximum of two years — and would likely be entitled to automatic early release on licence well before the two-year mark — but District Judge Julie Newton declined the request, indicating that a more senior court capable of handing down a harsher punishment should hear the case.

“Due to the nature and seriousness of the allegations… these matters are outside this court’s sentencing powers — considerably outside, even though both young people are aged 15,” she explained.

It was decided that the teens, though yet to be convicted of any crime, should be detained in youth custody until a hearing at Isleworth Crown Court on December 10th can take place.

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