Delingpole: Great Reset Shill Boris Johnson Wants to ‘Build Back Better’…

Great Reset
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Prime Minister Boris Johnson will launch his new legislative programme this week with three words that ought to send a shiver down the spine: ‘Build Back Better.’

The phrase is, of course, code for a massive global power grab by the shadowy elites represented by Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF).

But you’d be amazed how, even now, so many otherwise intelligent people refuse to get it.

Here, for example, is my friend Toby Young, who has been fighting a superb fight on both the free speech front and also on the Covid realism front — but who still insists on attributing good faith to a regime which is clearly malign and in the service of a globalist agenda inimical to the interests of the British people:

‘Build Back Better’ is not a phrase Johnson started using because it is snappy or witty or grammatical. He uses it to show solidarity with the cabal of World Economic Forum acolytes, all around the world, all of whom are using the same phrase.

As Sherlock Holmes might almost have said: “When two people use the same rubbish catchphrase, that’s a coincidence. But when Tony BlairGreen MP Caroline Lucas, Andrew Cuomo, Hillary Clinton, Bill ClintonNancy Pelosi, President Bieber of Canada, Boris Johnson, Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Kamala Harris, the Prince of Wales, Prince Harry, Sadiq Khan, and Jacinda Ardern all use the exact same rubbish catchphrase as the megalomaniacal globalist Klaus Schwab, that’s starting to look very much like a conspiracy in plain sight.”

These globalist shills are so blatant and shameless they don’t even bother pretending any more.

That’s why, for example, the phrase appears right at the top of the official press release announcing Tuesday’s Queen’s Speech.

It says:

A new Queen’s Speech to build back better from the pandemic

And below that, just in case we missed the subtle clue:

New laws to ensure the UK builds back better and stronger from the pandemic will be unveiled in next week’s Queen’s Speech.

No one in the United Kingdom, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, ever voted for Klaus Schwab’s The Great Reset. That’s because no one in their right mind would vote for a world where you can “Own nothing and be happy.”

That’s why the perpetrators of this dreadful anti-human, anti-freedom, anti-prosperity scam still make the occasional pretence that all they are doing is serving democracy.

So, Johnson continues to make noises in his press statement above about “fulfilling the promises we have made to the British people.” He pays lip service to traditional, social conservative concerns like crime:

To tackle knife crime and youth violence, the bill will give the police new powers to stop and search those convicted of knife and offensive weapons offences. Police, local authorities and other agencies will also have a new, legal duty to work together to address the root causes of serious violence and intervene earlier to prevent these crimes from happening in the first place.

(Even in this apparently unexceptionable policy proposal, though, you can see the beginnings of something more sinister, totalitarian, and Great Reset. What exactly do they mean by “address the root causes of serious violence”? Won’t this give the authorities carte blanche for more meddling and snooping in the guise of preventing “serious violence”? I suspect it will…)

But the direction of travel is pretty obvious. First there’s the ongoing obsession with “rolling out vaccines” — which will, inevitably, lead to the enlargement of the bio-security state:

My Government is still focussed on beating this disease, saving lives and livelihoods and rolling out vaccines…

Then there’s all that green stuff that nobody really wants apart from a few eco-loons:

….achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, for a cleaner, greener UK.

The United Kingdom, like so much of the world, is sleepwalking towards tyranny. And the reason this is happening is that, despite a year in which more freedoms have been withdrawn than in perhaps any era since the Norman Conquest, too many people are still gullible enough to believe that when Boris Johnson and his ministers all chant in unison the mantra of global totalitarianism that it’s just a coincidence and that normal service will be resumed shortly.

It won’t.

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