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Cultural Marxism

UK Govt to Give Private Junior Schools LGBT Lessons Opt-Out

The UK government is reportedly set to give private primary schools an opt-out on controversial requirements meaning young children have to be taught about homosexual lifestyles in a bid to encourage “tolerance”.


Oxford College To Remove ‘Racist’ Rhodes Plaque: Statue is Next

Students at Oxford University have succeeded in persuading Oriel College to remove a plaque in honour of Cecil Rhodes, an imperialist the university has deemed racist. The College has also applied to the local council for permission to remove a

The Associated Press

Swedish Gov Advocates Sex Change At 12, Surgery At 15, Against Will Of Parents

The Swedish government is set to vote on new proposals regarding transgendered children. The legislation would make irreversible surgical castration for 15-year-olds and legally changing the gender of 12-year-olds possible, against the will of parents. The extreme proposals were published


Civil War Brewing for the Cultural Left

It has often been remarked that the right won the economic arguments of the twentieth century, while the left won the culture war. Although Thatcher and Reagan succeeded in their quest to overturn the postwar economic consensus and undermine the USSR,