North African Migrants Decide Spanish Woman Is ‘Fascist’ and Brutally Beat Her

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Four North African migrants are alleged to have brutally beaten a 30-year-old Spanish woman in her own neighbourhood after accusing her of being “fascist”.

The incident took place on Sunday morning in the Spanish city of Vitoria-Gasteiz, the capital of the Basque Country, and saw the 30-year-old surrounded by four men in a garden near her home and brutally attacked, with her face being particularly targeted.

“Hey, you, fascist, we are going to destroy that beautiful face you have,” the woman claims the attackers shouted at her, online newspaper Okdiario reports.

The 30-year-old reported the attacks to the Ertzaintza, the Basque Country’s autonomous police force, who opened an investigation. As of Monday, they have not made any arrests.

According to Okdiario, such incidents of violence are not unique in the Basque capital, and that there have been several other attacks in the city in recent months.

Spokeswoman of the centre-right People’s Party Ainhoa Domaica condemned the attack and called for action on the growing number of assaults, saying: “The increase in violence, insecurity, and aggression in our streets is very worrying. What is happening in Vitoria?”

The attack was also condemned by populist VOX party leader Santiago Abascal, who alleged the woman was attacked for not covering her face, writing on Twitter: “Again. Those heartless [men] were Maghrebi [North African Muslims]. And they destroyed the young woman’s face for not having her face covered.”

Abascal went on to blame the left-leaning Basque Nationalist Party (PNV), saying: “Long ago, you turned our land into the paradise for illegal immigrants. Today, women suffer the consequences.”

The VOX leader has been a longtime opponent of illegal migration and mass migration more generally, vowing in 2019 to build a border wall in Spain’s north African enclaves to stop illegals from entering Spanish territory by land.

In the summer of last year, the Spanish government adopted the idea, promising to build walls 30-feet height around the cities of Ceuta and Melilla.

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