Leftist Owen Jones Hails Once-Hated Dominic Cummings as ‘Big Daddy Cum Cum’

JOSEP LAGO/AFP via Getty Images)

Guardian columnist Owen Jones has hailed Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s ex-chief advisor Dominic Cummings as “Big Daddy Cum Cum” on Twitter.

Owen Jones made these comments after Dominic Cummings, a key figure in campaign to leave the European Union and once despised as a kind of Rasputin figure by the British left, engaged with him on the social media platform.

Cummings had originally tweeted that there was not a party at Downing Street on the 27th of November 2020 — separate to the alleged party on the 18th of December, which has caused an ongoing scandal — and said that reports on this were instead a “red herring”.

This prompted self-described “antifascist” Owen Jones to ask “where was it reported?”.

Cummings’ cheekily replied that “larry page created a thing called google it’s *really* handy”, to which Jones responded “alright you sarcy [sarcastic] git!”

Jones followed this up, somewhat bizarrely, by tweeting“can’t believe I got pwned by Big Daddy Cum Cum Tired face ”.

This exchange was met with mixed reactions online, with fellow Guardian writer Adam England replying“logging off twitter for the rest of the day Loudly crying face”.

The “Big Daddy Cum Cum” tweet is a stark shift in tone from how Owen Jones addressed Dominic Cummings when he was part of the Johnson administration and viewed by much of the mainstream media as a key driver of efforts to deliver Brexit — however halfheartedly — and challenge entrenched bureaucracies in the state apparatus.

From blaming Cummings for increases in coronavirus cases, to angrily calling for his resignation and appearing to give tacit support to members of the public harassing Cummings on the street when he was accused of breaking coronavirus rules, historically Jones was a sharp critic of the Brexiteer.

However, now Cummings is no longer in government following an apparent power struggle with Carrie Symonds and has started stridently attacking the Prime Minister, the left-wing journalist may have somewhat shifted his perception of “Big Daddy Cum Cum”.

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