Vegans Rage at ‘Psychopath’ Butcher over Joke Sign Urging People to End Violence Against Plants by Eating Meat

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Family butchers in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh have been branded “f***ing psychopaths” by humourless vegans for a joke sign urging people to “eat meat” to save plants.

W.M. Christie Family Butcher, an Edinburgh institution founded in 1889 and run by the Christie family for five generations so far, set out a joke sign saying that “Every day thousands of innocent plants are killed by vegetarians” and urging potential customers to “Help end the violence” by eating meat.

After a picture of the sign was posted online, the Christies were branded “F****** psychopaths” by humourless wokesters, according to local news outlet Edinburgh Live.

“Jeez, the ignorance is astonishing. Plants are not sentient and exist in synergy with humans and animals as a food source,” remarked one, named as Kevin Thomson.

“You just can’t say I murdered a carrot,” he continued, apparently believing that the sign’s lighthearted message was to be taken literally.

The university student who shared the picture of the sign, a 22-year-old named Jakub Dragon, apparently, told Edinburgh Live that he thought the sign was “nonsense”.

“It only bring[s] anger, and fights and I don’t find that funny,” Dragon said, seemingly not appreciating that not everyone shares his sense of humour.

“Surely eating plants is less damaging to the environment,” he added — an increasingly common line of argument among vegans and vegetarians as wealthy globalists push meat taxes and other restrictions, supposedly in the name of fighting climate change.

Butcher Willie Christie, for his part, told Edinburgh Live his sign “wasn’t malicious in any way, just a simple joke and banter.”

“As it it’s veganuary, isn’t it fitting it could be meatanury too?” he quipped.

“People have taken it wrongly. We are surrounded with people telling us to go vegan and vegetarian, yet my business is a Butcher’s. We sell meat and I’m promoting my business,” Christie explained.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that, I’m just expressing mine. And it seems to have worked, given the attention my Butcher’s has now received.”

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