Delingpole: Of Course Not All Vegans Are Dangerous Lunatics, But…

Obviously not all vegans are as dangerously psychopathic as the late YouTube shooter Nasim Aghdam. But it’s an unfortunate fact that a significant minority are imbued with exactly that toxic mix of fanaticism, burning outrage and weapons-grade self-righteousness you find among all the most ruthless terrorists.


New Five Pound Note Contains Animal Fat, Angering Vegans

The Bank of England has admitted that its new five pound notes contain tallow, an animal fat, and that they have no idea whether it contains pork products. So far more than 25,000 people have signed a petition demanding the


L.A. Vegan Restaurant Owners Get Death Threats for Eating Meat

The husband-and-wife proprietors of a California-based vegan restaurant chain have received a deluge of death threats and calls for a boycott after it was discovered that the pair slaughter and eat meat in private at their upstate working farm.

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