‘Held Hostage by These People’ – German Health Minister Denounces Unjabbed, Demands Vax Mandate

BERLIN, GERMANY - January 13: Health Minister Karl Lauterbach presents his ministry's poli
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Germany’s health minister denounced the country’s unjabbed population in a public demand for compulsory vaccination on Thursday.

Karl Lauterbach, Germany’s left-wing Federal Health Minister, salmmed the unvaccinated during a parliamentary debate on Thursday, in which he once against pushed for the implementation of forced vaccination in Germany.

According to a report by Die Welt, Lauterbach blamed unvaccinated people in Germany for the country’s current health situation, claiming that the Federal Republic faces having its health system overloaded.

“The unvaccinated bear the responsibility that we do not get any further,” Lauterbach alleged.

“The whole country will be held hostage by these people,” he continued, adding: “We can no longer afford that”

“2022 is the first year in which we can end the pandemic in Germany with compulsory vaccination,” he went on to say, calling for parliament to vote to make vaccination against the Chinese coronavirus mandatory.

Lauterbach was not the only one calling for Germans to be forced to get the jab, with the health minister’s Green party coalition partner, Robert Habeck, calling for mandatory vaccination in order to, paradoxically, restore “freedom” to Germany.

“People in this country are fed up,” he said as he pushed for a vaccine mandate. “Let’s finally get this pandemic over with, let’s get rid of the virus and then let’s go back to freedom.”

“The freedom interpretation of the few must not lead to the permanent restriction of freedom of the many,” he went on to explain, alluding to the fact that the state would be forcing some people who have not yet received a vaccine to get jabbed.

The pair were met with some resistance in the German parliament, with politician for the right-populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party lambasting those calling for mandatory jabs.

“You’re riding a dead horse, please get off,” AfD’s parliamentary leader, Alice Weidel, told forced vax advocates.

“There is no legitimate and constitutionally permissible justification for introducing mandatory vaccination against Covid-19.”

This is far from the first time that Lauterbach and his colleagues have called for mandatory coronavirus jabs.

Lauterbach himself has repeatedly demanded the measure be implemented,  having previously stated that he has “no plans” to “open everything” on a Federal level despite many other European countries having completely scrapped all of their COVID-19 restrictions.

However, while he has repeatedly called for forced vaccination in the past, Lauterbach’s most recent call for mandatory jabs is strange in that it seems to contradict what are reportedly his less public views on the Wuhan virus.

According to a report by Bild, the German health minister has expressed very different views to those he is usually heard spouting in a recent letter regarding the state of the German pandemic.

Accusing the minister of being in “fear-monger mode”, the publication claims to have seen a letter in which Lauterbach claims that the pandemic has progressed well, and that an “an overloading of the [German] health system” is no longer expected.

“The seasonal effects, which will probably have a favourable effect on new infections, must also be taken into account,” Lauterbach reportedly wrote in a letter to the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians.

“In addition, it has been shown that the omicron variant causes significantly milder courses,” he is said to have added.

In response to the accusations, Lauterbach has claimed that the situation has sufficiently changed from when the letter was written around one week ago, citing yet another a new COVID-19 variant.

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