Chinese Communist Party Finalizes Politburo Stuffed with Xi Jinping ‘Minions’

Dictator Xi Jinping officially secured his expected third term as General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party and chairman of its Central Military Commission on Sunday. Xi enters these unprecedented additional years of power with a Politburo stuffed full of his loyal “minions,” as former student protest leader Wang Dan put it to Radio Free Asia (RFA) on Sunday.

New members of the Politburo Standing Committee, front to back, President Xi Jinping, Li Qiang, Zhao Leji, Wang Huning, Cai Qi, Ding Xuexiang, and Li Xi arrive at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Oct. 23, 2022. The world faces the prospect of more tension with China …

PICS: ‘We Told You to Leave’ – Heavily Armed Police Descend on Canadian Truckers

Police aggressively pushed back protesters, took control of some trucks and advanced toward Parliament on Saturday after arresting more than 100 people and towing away vehicles in Canada’s besieged capital. Scores of trucks left under the increasing pressure, raising authorities’ hopes for an end to the three-week protest against the country’s COVID-19 restrictions.