Watch: ‘World Economic Forum Police’ Detain American Conservative Journalist Jack Posobiec at Davos

Journalist Jack Posobiec detained by "World Economic Forum Police" in Davos, Switzerland. May 23, 2022. Credit: Jack Posobiec and Savanah Hernandez via Twitter.
Jack Posobiec, Savanah Hernandez/Twitter

American conservative journalist Jack Posobiec was detained in Switzerland while he was covering the summit of globalist elites in the ski resort town of Davos, with commenters noting the Swiss local police wearing “World Economic Forum Police” patches on their uniforms.

Heavily armed Swiss officers, appearing to be from the Ordnungsdienst police force, allegedly “frisked” and detained Human Events Daily host and Turning Point USA contributor Jack Posobiec on Monday afternoon.

The officers, who also told independent journalist Savanah Hernandez not to film them, claimed they have a right to not be filmed in Switzerland, despite there not appearing to be a federal law prohibiting people from filming police.

Hernandez, who travelled to the summit on behalf of Canada’s Rebel News, questioned the officers about why Posobeic was being detained.

A police representative said in the footage: “We are just doing a normal police control because, you know, it’s WEF, everything is very sensitive.”

The representative went on to say that “there was a reason” for detaining Posobiec, however, she refused to divulge the purpose of the police stop.

The footage, which has since gone viral on Twitter, revealed that at least one of the officers was wearing a patch reading “World Economic Forum Police” underneath the patch for the Ordnungsdienst force.

According to its website, the riot-police style force is responsible for policing “major events” in the region, such as demonstrations, football or ice hockey matches, as well as the “WEF in Davos”.

The World Economic Forum Police patch on the officer’s uniform also features what appear to be two goats, apparently in reference to the goat on the flag of the local Grisons, or Graubünden, Canton (governmental region) of Switzerland in which Davos is located, and a stylised rough crystal formation at the bottom.

In reference to the police officers wearing WEF patches, Mr Posobiec told Turning Point USA that “sometimes you gotta do what it takes to get the story”.

Posobiec said that he and his crew “were detained, stopped, and frisked on the side of the road outside of Davos” while making a film for Turning Point about the Klaus Schwab-backed summit.

“We are out here filming and I’m dressed like a reporter guy and I’m in front of a camera, so I think everyone knows what we are doing,” he said of the police stop.

Posobiec went on to claim that the filming crew were initially approached by a “plain clothes” officer asking for their press passes and passports, which he said they supplied.

“Suddenly two minivans full of officers, essentially a quick reaction force pop up, [and] everybody storms out. They’ve got MP5s, one of the guys was flagging me with his MP5…putting his barrel where he shouldn’t be vis-a-vis our direction,” the Human Events Daily host recounted.

“Then each of us was taken, myself and the entire crew, one by one out behind the building and behind this stack of tables and we were made to empty our pockets and we were frisked right there in front of the entire attendees of the World Economic Forum,” he added.

As of the time of this reporting, there has been no press release from the local police force concerning the incident.

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