Only 53 Per Cent of Gen Z Britons Are ‘Exclusively Straight’ – Stonewall Research

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The number of Britons who identify as “exclusively straight” has fallen to just 53 per among Generation Z, according to Stonewall.

In its ‘Rainbow Britain Report’ for 2022, the LGBTQ+ activist organisation hailed the fact that “our lives and experiences are now more visible than they have ever been — in every community, and in all aspects of life, in Great Britain.”

They noted, in particular, the fact that “only 71 per cent of people identify as straight” among Generation Z, according to their Ipsos-conducted research — compared to 91 per cent of Baby Boomers.

Moreover, fully 14 per cent of this young demographic “identify as bi or pansexual” — an astonishing rise from the mere 2 per cent of Baby Boomers who do so.

Generation Z may be even more “queer”, as Stonewall puts it, than even these figures suggest, with only 53 per cent identifying as “exclusively straight”.

“[Forty per cent] have a pattern of attraction that could be described as queer,” they crowed, defining this as anything “outside the scope of exclusively heterosexual attractions between cisgender people”.

The identities offered survey respondents ran the gamut from the familiar heterosexual/straight, bisexual, gay, and lesbian — a separate category from gay, for whatever reason — to the more bizarre “omnisexual” and “pansexual” — the latter of which now accounts for 1 per cent of the overall population and four per cent of the Gen Z population, apparently.

They also found that two per cent of the overall population and five per cent of the Gen Z population are supposedly “asexual or ace”.

People who are only attracted to the opposite sex appear to be falling with each successive generation, with the 53 per cent for Gen Z contrasting with 61 per cent for Millennials, 71 per cent for Generation X, and 77 per cent for Baby Boomers.

“Taking account of the 7 per cent who don’t know, or prefer not to say, two in five (40 per cent) of the youngest people in our survey have attractions that are queer,” Stonewall observed of its fidings.

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