Meanwhile in Britain: Transwoman Uses ‘Her’ Penis to Play Keyboard on Live Television

Jordan Gray strips naked live on Channel 4. Credit: Channel 4
Screenshot via Channel 4

A transgender comedian in Britain has been praised after stripping naked and using “her” penis to play the keyboard on live television.

Jordan Gray, a British biologically male comedian who identifies as a woman, has been praised by leftists for stripping naked on live television before playing the keyboard with “her” penis.

According to an archived webpage, Gray was listed as being a patron of the Educate & Celebrate charity as of Saturday, with the NGO frequently pushing for a greater acceptance of transgenderism within the British school system.

“Hello Britain you lovely bitch!” Gray said, introducing thee act on the Friday Night Live programme, an omnibus comedy programme which starred a number of other mostly left-leaning comics, on Channel 4 — which is owned by the British government.

Gray proceeded to sing a song about being transgender, expressing a desire to “crawl back in the womb” and “start again, against God’s plans, with different glands and smaller hands”.

“I’m just better than you,” the comedian continued, citing the fact that they were “such a fucking genius”, and that they could sing, dance, and act “like a motherfucker”.

After continuing making jokes about sex and how good they were at everything, Gray told the room that “the best thing about live TV” is that they could do “stupid stuff like this”.

Gray then proceeded to strip, before playing the keyboard with what even the supposedly right-wing media has described as “her penis”.

WARNING: The below footage of Jordan Gray’s nude performance is NOT censored. Viewer discretion is strongly advised:

Gray’s performance was met with significant praise both in the television studio as well as online, with British newspaper the Metro describing it as being “truly iconic”.

Others do not appear to be so pleased, however, with some netizens pointing out that Gray appears to be affiliated with pro-transgenderism NGO Educate and Celebrate.

Describing itself as an organisation that wishes to make “society a more welcoming place for everyone”, the charity has been involved with pushing gender ideology in British schools, having in the past advocated for the removal of gendered school uniforms, as well as producing a “5 point plan” to turn schools into a “safe space” for LGBT youth.

According to the organisation, well over 100 schools have signed up for the programme.

While the page detailing the organisation’s team members and patrons appears to be offline as of Sunday, an archived image of the page reportedly taken on Saturday lists Gray as being a patron, with the NGOs website still having a profile of the comedian up on it as of the time of writing.

Also listed as having been a patron is Peter Tatchell, a British activist and Green Party member who previously became embroiled in scandal after being accused of defending an allegedly “pro-paedophilia” book, according to a report by Irish publication Gript Media.

In its profile of the campaigner, the NGO describes him as being “a great support” to them.

Breitbart Europe has contacted Educate & Celebrate for comment in relation to Gray’s performance, his affiliation with the organisation, as well as the apparent disappearance of a ‘The Team’ page on its website.

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