Irish Senate Chair Calls for ‘Four More Years’ of Biden as President Addresses Country’s Parliament

US President Joe Biden addresses the Houses of the Oireachtas at Leinster House in Dublin,

The chair of Ireland’s Senate has called for “four more years” of Joe Biden after the ‘anti-British’ President addressed the country’s parliament.

Jerry Buttimer, the chair of Ireland’s senate, has called for “four more years” of President Joe Biden after the senior Democrat addressed the nation’s parliament.

Although the American leader’s four-day long tour of the island has been warmly welcomed by many Irish politicians, it has rubbed officials in Britain and Northern Ireland the wrong way, with the President repeatedly being accused of being “anti-British” both before and during Biden’s stint abroad.

How much damage such anger the trip may cause to future U.S. foreign policy does not appear to have been on the forefront of the commander-in-chief’s mind on Thursday however, with Biden beaming for all to see as he was welcomed into the Irish parliament with a standing ovation.

Addressing the President, the speaker of the parliament’s lower house, Seán Ó Fearghaíl, told Biden that he was “amongst friends” in the chamber as a fellow Irishman.

“You are one of us,” Ó Fearghaíl declared.

Such a sentiment seemed to be wholly accepted by the 46th President, who described his Ireland visit as a return home for him.

“Tá mise abhaile,” he declared in the country’s native language. “I’m at home.”

Biden went on to discuss various progressive issues during his speech including climate change, but also the West’s fight against Chinese and Russian “autocracy”, adding that both Ireland the United States must stand together on the international stage.

“The United States will be Ireland’s closest partner,” he insisted, describing the two countries as having a “partnership for the ages”.

His relatively light and uplifiting speech will likely not be received well by other foreign officials however.

Politicians in the UK have particular reason to feel hard done by amid the President’s refusal to attend the King’s corronation next month, despite being willing to tour the nation’s neighbour for a whopping five days.

Biden was not the only individual burning bridges on Thursday however, with the chair of the Irish Senate, Jerry Buttimer, openly voicing support for the American President’s reelection next year.

“We might say ‘four more years’ Mr President, but we can’t be political here,” he quipped. “But thank you for your wonderful address”.

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