Vlaardingerbroek: Nothing More ‘Narcissistic and Evil’ Than Pushing Abortion over Climate Change

Eva Vlaardingerbroek
Eva Vlaardingerbroek, Instagram

There is nothing more “narcissistic, degenerate and evil” than those who push abortion or argue against having children because of the supposed climate crisis, Dutch political commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek said.

A report from the Rotterdam-based paper Algemeen Dagblad claimed that the majority of young adults in The Netherlands are concerned about having children in response to the persistent Armageddon-like warnings around the climate, with some speaking to the paper saying that they had aborted their children over fears of the so-called crisis.

In response, Dutch commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek said: “There is nothing more narcissistic, degenerate and evil to me than people who propagate abortion or not having children because of ‘climate change’ or ‘the current state of the world’.”

“If you think your life is ‘hard’ or the world is too ‘unfair’ to bring a child into it, think for one damn second about the lives our ancestors lived and how it never even would have crossed their minds to kill their own babies for a second. Get a grip, you weak-minded morons,” she declared.

Twitter chief Elon Musk agreed with the sentiments expressed by Vlaardingerbroek, writing in response: “True. What’s actually happening in most countries is population collapse! Very important to make new humans. No new humans means no humanity.”

Vlaardingerbroek, who has become a rising star in the international populist movement for her strident support for the Dutch farmers against the tyrannical green agenda of the EU and the globalist government of Mark Rutte at The Hague, added: “Sacrificing humanity in order to ‘save’ the planet. These people have very interesting priorities.”

In the article from Algemeen Dagblad, a woman named Zoé was cited as having her child aborted because of the climate, explaining that she did not “want to put children on this Earth”.

Tragically, she has appeared to have developed second thoughts about the green agenda-inspired decision, saying: “If I could ever have a child again, I would welcome it now.”

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