Richard Dawkins Says Affirmative Action and White Guilt for History Are Racist Ideas

WOODSTOCK, UNITED KINGDOM - SEPTEMBER 18: Richard Dawkins, biologist and writer, poses for a portrait at the Woodstock Literary Festival on September 18, 2011 in Woodstock, England. (Photo by David Levenson/Getty Images)
David Levenson/Getty Images

British evolutionary biologist and leading figure of the “New Athiest” movement Richard Dawkins has declared that affirmative action based upon skin colour is “racist” and decried the pervasiveness of white guilt for the actions of their ancestors.

In an interview with Freddie Sayers of Unherd, University of Oxford emeritus fellow Richard Dawkins continued his attempts to dismantle the woke ideology that he feels has become near tenets of faith among the left in the West.

“There’s an analogue of original sin, that white people are expected to feel guilt for what their ancestors — or maybe just people of the same skin colour — did to other people of a different colour,” Dakwins said.

“It’s as though we are supposed to inherit the guilt of people of the past, just because we have the same colour skin as they did. And that is, I think, racism. It is actual racism to confer guilt upon people because of the colour of their skin.”

Dawkins continued to say that while he might be in favour of schools or other institutions adopting some form of affirmitive action for people from impoverished backgrounds, he opposed the current system which heavily weighs skin colour in deciding university admissions.

“If I were in favour of any sort of affirmative action, it might be in favour of those who have been disadvantaged in their own past, through poverty,” he said. “And if they happen to be black, fair enough — but simply because they’re black? No, that’s the wrong sort of affirmative action. That is racism.”

Dawkins, an ardent atheist and self-avowed liberal recently raised eyebrows by coming out against woke ideology surrounding gender.

In a March interview with Piers Morgan, the biology professor firmly stated that there are “only two sexes” and that current debates surrounding gender are largely “subjective” in nature.

He went on to condemn the “bullying” of figures such as Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling from transgenderism ideologues, saying that it is “upsetting the way this tiny minority of people has managed to capture the discourse to talk errant nonsense”.

However, while Dawkins has apparently found the courage to confront the woke mobe on issues of race and gender, the founding member of the New Athiest movement has apparently been cowed into silence on the issue of radical Islam.

During the same interview with Piers Morgan, Dawkins was asked to comment on the Islamist-inspired attempt to assassinate his fellow member of the New Atheists, Satanic Verses author Salman Rushdie.

In contrast to his previously strident criticisms of the Muslim faith and radical Islam, Dawkins fell oddly silent and meekly told Morgan that he “should have said” there were topics he was not willing to discuss publicly.

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