Islamist terrorism

Members of the public, wrapped in emergency blankets leave the scene of a terror attack on London Bridge in central London on June 3, 2017.

‘I’ve Been Stabbed’: Stories from London Bridge Attack Survivors

LONDON (AP) — The knife-wielding attackers appeared to be leaving the restaurant where Candice Hedge was hiding under a table when one of them spotted her, returning to slash her throat, the 34-year-old waitress’ father told an Australian newspaper.


Two Islamist Axe Attack Victims In Critical Condition

BERLIN (AP) — A German hospital says two of the three victims it is treating for wounds inflicted during an ax-and-knife attack by an Afghan refugee are in a critical but stable condition.


Sikh Temple Blown Up By Islamic State Supporters ‘Not Terrorism’

Three Muslim teenagers who bombed a Sikh temple in Germany have been found guilty of attempted murder, aggravated assault, and causing an explosion – but not terrorism. This is despite the bombers’ links to local Salafist organisations, terrorist sympathies, and accessing

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Sixth Man Charged Over Australia’s ‘Tinnie Terror’ Plan

(AFP) – A sixth man was charged Friday in connection to Australia’s so-called “tinnie terror” case in which a group of young men allegedly hoped to travel overseas on a small boat to join jihadists. Australian Federal Police said a


Afghan Migrants Planned Terror Attacks Across Europe

Italian police have arrested an Afghan migrant who planned terror attacks in Italy, Britain and France and another involved in people smuggling. Only days after the arrest of a Slovenian man accused of recruiting fighters for the Islamic state Italian police