PHOTO: Woman’s $820K Injuries Claim Dismissed After Picture Shows Her Throwing Christmas Tree

A man completes a throw at the 7th Christmas tree toss at the Cottbus-Ströbitz Fire Depar
Frank Hammerschmidt/picture alliance via Getty Images

An Irish court recently dismissed an $820,000 insurance claim by a mother who was caught tossing a Christmas tree in 2018.

A picture taken of 36-year-old Kamila Grabska when she won the contest by throwing the tree the farthest unraveled the case, NBC News reported Monday.

She previously claimed that after a car accident in 2017 she was in “debilitating pain.” The woman said she could not lift heavy bags, had to stay in bed on numerous occasions, and she was unable to perform chores or play with her children, according to court disclosures.

“She sued RSA Insurance on the basis that she could not work for over five years, claiming for past and future loss of earnings which amounted to around $542,000 of her total claim, according to the Irish Independent,” the NBC article said.

However, the case fell apart when an image was published in the newspaper nearly one year after the accident. The photo showed the woman, wearing a yellow coat, tossing the Christmas tree.

A larger photo taken of her at the contest shows Grabska wearing leggings that feature the words, “I Just Can’t” printed on the side:

The contest, which took place in Ennis, has origins from a lumberjack competition. Whoever is able to throw the tree the furthest distance wins.

During cross-examination, Grabska claimed she was in pain during the contest and the smile on her face was due to the fact she was trying to live her life in a normal manner.

However, Judge Carmel Stewart dismissed the claim due to the photo, saying, “I’m afraid I cannot but conclude the claims were entirely exaggerated.”

Social media users were quick to share their thoughts on the story, one person writing, “Oops, there goes the money-tree!”

“Her punishment should be to disentangle people’s Christmas tree lights for the next 5 years,” another user stated.


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