Catholic League Blasts Joe Biden’s ‘Monumental Ignorance’ of Catholicism

Joe Biden, left, talks to Pope Francis
Vatican Media via AP

ROME — Catholic League president Bill Donohue slammed President Joe Biden Tuesday for his “monumental ignorance of basic Catholic teachings.”

Dr. Donohue’s remarks came in response to recent assertions by Biden that the bishops and the pope are not opposed to funding abortions with tax dollars.

Specifically, a reporter asked President Biden on January 30 about Catholic opposition to publicly financed abortions, noting that “Catholic bishops are demanding that federal tax dollars not fund abortions.”

Biden denied the claim outright, Donohue observed, pointing his finger and saying: “No, they are not all doing that, nor is the Pope doing that.”

Joe Biden is “either profoundly ignorant of Catholicism, or he is lying through his teeth,” Donohue declared, since the U.S. Bishops’ ongoing vocal opposition to abortion, especially taxpayer-funded abortion, is a matter of public record.

As recently as January 27, Donohue continued, the Bishops’ Pro-Life Committee, chaired by Bishop Michael Burbidge, sent a letter to House and Senate leaders insisting that the “government should never fund the destruction of innocent preborn children.”

Yet Biden’s misrepresentation of the pope’s stance on the matter “is even more appalling,” Donohue stated.

Pope Francis has declared unequivocally that abortion is “murder,” Donohue noted, and has underscored that Catholic teaching is consistent with science.

“Scientifically, it’s a human life. The textbooks teach us that. But is it right to take it out to solve a problem?” the pontiff asked. “This is why the Church is so strict on this issue because accepting this is kind of like accepting daily murder.”

“How can an action that ends an innocent and defenseless life in its blossoming stage be therapeutic, civilized or simply human?” Francis has asked. “I ask you: Is it right to do away with a human life in order to solve a problem? Is it right to hire a hitman in order to solve a problem?”

“One cannot. It is not right to do away with a human being, however small, in order to solve a problem. It is like hiring a hitman,” he said.

For a man who loves to wear his Catholicism on his sleeve, Joe Biden “is a public embarrassment to Catholics the world over,” Donohue wrote.

“Never has there been a White House occupant who more consistently seeks to sabotage Roman Catholicism than Joe Biden,” he concluded.


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