WATCH: Firefighters Rescue Puppy Stuck Inside Wheel Rim

A puppy found herself in a tight spot after she put her head inside a metal tire rim in Coachella, California, on Wednesday.

When the Riverside County Department of Animal Services (RCDAS) got a call about an Australian cattle dog pup in need of rescue, they immediately responded, according to KTLA.

However, when the staff used oil to lubricate the puppy’s neck in hopes of freeing her, they realized it was too swollen and would not budge.

The team transported the dog, named Lana, to the Coachella Valley Animal Campus in Thousand Palms and called the Riverside County Fire Department for assistance.

Once Lana was sedated, rescuers carried her outside the building where the crew from Fire Station No. 69 in Rancho Mirage were waiting to help, according to the video posted on YouTube.

The video’s description read:

Firefighters Virgil Messer and Tony Bribiesca took turns using a sawzall to safely cut a piece in the wheel to provide enough space for an easier rescue. Within a few moments, the cut was made and out came the pup, a 3-month-old Australian cattle dog.

It is believed that the owners were the reporting party when the call first came to Animal Services.

The puppy quickly ate some food after the rescue. She’ll rest overnight and be under observation until her return to her rightful owners.

Following the incident, the RCDAS tweeted a photo of Lana, nicknamed “Wheelie Pup,” with the kindhearted firefighters.

“As stewards of those who cannot speak for themselves, we recognize society has entrusted us with a great responsibility,” the RCDAS website stated. “Our community’s expectations and trust give us the courage to perform our duties with transparency, honor, empathy and compassion.”

Friday, the RCDAS tweeted a photo of Lana with her owner and said the staff were sad to see her go.


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