Fox News Picks Univision Host to Push Amnesty in GOP Debate

British-US commentator and moderator Stuart Varney and Colombian journalist and moderator
Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

Fox News’s top executives chose a Colombian-born anchor to host the GOP primary debate and to tout an amnesty for 11 million illegal migrants and the roughly 800,000 “DACA” illegals.

“President Reagan granted amnesty to nearly three million immigrants — something no Democrat or Republican president has done since,” said Ilia Calderon, the anchor from the Univision Spanish-language TV network. She continued:

Governor [Chris] Christie, as governor of a non-border state in 2010, you supported a “path to citizenship,” but when you ran for president in 2016, you flipped, saying immigrants should be tracked like FedEx packages. Where do you stand now on a “path to citizenship” for 11 million of [sic] undocumented immigrants?

Calderon was picked by the top Fox executives to host the debate alongside regular Fox hosts Dana Perino and Stuart Varney. The network let her introduce herself in Spanish for Unvision’s audience and it also played Univision’s logo throughout the debate.

Fox News got what it wanted, because Christie answered Calderon’s question by sneakily endorsing a wage-cutting amnesty for migrants who want to take U.S. jobs:

What I’ll do on day one is sign an executive order to send the National Guard to partner with Customs and Border Patrol, to make sure that we stop the flow of fentanyl over the border, but also to make sure that we send a much different message [to illegal migrants]: “We want you here in this country to fill the six million vacant jobs we have, but only if you come here to follow the law, and only if you come here legally.

Calderon and the other anchors did not ask the other GOP candidates to answer Calderon’s amnesty question to Christie, who is one of the most pro-establishment candidates in the race.

Instead, they asked narrow questions to individual candidates. That format prevented the GOP candidates from presenting rival views on immigration, amnesty, and the border — which are some of GOP voters’ highest priority topics.

For example, Perino invited former Gov. Nikki Haley to slam the foreign investment that helps  keep migrants in their home countries:

In the last decade the U.S. has spent nearly $55 billion to address the root causes of migration. But crime, poverty and corruption, they persist, and the number of migrants is only growing. Are we wasting our money?

Normally, Calderon works with Jorge Ramos to jointly present Univision’s Spanish-language evening news show. Ramos is a leading advocate for more migration into Americans’ jobs, homes, and society.

Calderon also touted Latino voters in questions about the inflow of drugs and gun rights for Americans.

Fox News’s founder, Rupert Murdoch, is a long-standing advocate for more migration.

In 2010, he formed a lobby group with Michael Bloomberg to lobby for the 2013 “Gang of Eight” amnesty-and-more-migration bill. Throughout the 2013 debate — and since then — Murdoch’s news shows displayed the chaotic visuals of illegal migration while hiding the pocketbook impact of illegal and legal migration on ordinary Americans.

American voters defeated the amnesty push because they recognized that migrants transfer wealth from ordinary Americans to wealth investors and migrants.

The public defeat also ended Murdoch’s quiet plan to create a Spanish-language network like Univision.

The planned network was intended to profit from the huge wave of migrant consumers that would have been imported by the amnesty. Murdoch let his Spanish-language network quietly die in 2016.

This month, Murdoch handed control of his network to one of his sons.


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