Biden’s D-3 Amnesty Pulls 100,000+ Illegal Migrants into College Jobs

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President Joe Biden’s pre-election amnesty will use work-visa programs to move 100,000 illegal migrants into the white collar jobs sought by U.S. graduates, according to one of the key organizers of the lobbying campaign.

“These are office jobs for U.S. graduates, but the government is working with [business] to displace [U.S. graduates] from the workforce and significantly lower their wages and quality of life,” noted Kevin Lynn, founder of U.S. TechWorkers which opposes the visa-worker programs.

“They shroud it under the banner of social justice, but all they’re doing is displace Americans, lower salaries and lower the quality of life of working Americans,” he added.

There are “probably 100,000 people that would be eligible for this D-3 waiver,” lawyer Marielena Hincapie told activists on Tuesday. She is a Columbian-born immigrant who lobbied for the amnesty while working as a pro-migration activist at Cornell Law School.

Shortly after Biden announced the D-3 amnesty at the White House event, Hincapie spoke to roughly 250 pro-migration activists via video conference, saying:

There are lots of different visas, there are H-1Bs, there are 0[-1] visas, there are L[-1] visas. There are so many different possibilities of what people might be eligible for based on what higher education degree they have …

One of the business groups lobbying for the D-3 giveaway says there are another 400,000 illegals in college and university courses around the nation.

The Higher Ed Immigration Portal claims there are 407,899 “undocumented” students in higher education.

If Biden’s deputies extend their D-3 amnesty to the 400,00o other illegals in colleges, it would further flood the first-rung job market for middle-class families’ college kids.

They are enrolled alongside an additional 858,395 foreign students — most of whom can get work permits that allow them to get U.S. jobs for two to four years.

The D-3 Amnesty

Before Biden, the D-3 waiver has been used in very small numbers to allow selected illegals to gain partway legal status by exiting and re-entering the country under government supervision.

But Biden’s expanded D-3 process will fast-track the exit, return, and award of work visas for 100,000 illegals who have attended U.S. colleges while covered by the legally frozen “DACA” 2012 amnesty declared by President Barack Obama. The process will also remove legal barriers to getting citizenship via marriage or other routes.

“What the policy today that President Biden has announced is streamlining [the D3 exemption] and making it easier and just making it more accessible for people,” Hincapie told the videoconference. “Those are the things that we’ll have to figure out over the next days and weeks … [the program] will be available sooner than the Parole in Place policy.”

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There are no numerical caps on the migrants who can get H-1B, L-1, or O-1 visas to compete against Americans for their jobs and salaries. All three visas are “dual intent,” and provide a legal route to green cards and citizenship.

The new D-3 amnesty was announced shortly after the Washington Post noted the declining career prospects among U.S. grads, mostly who faced hidden companies from the huge and growing population of visa workers from India.

“Despite strong labor market, new college graduates struggle to find employment,” the Post reported on June 16, adding:

Hiring in professional and business services — which includes jobs in tech, consulting, finance and media that are popular among new grads — has fallen 12 percent, according to federal data … Today’s recent graduates ages 22 to 27 have a higher unemployment rate — 4.7 percent, as of March — than the overall population, according to an analysis by the New York Fed.

The federal government makes life difficult for U.S. graduates by allowing companies to keep roughly 1 million mid-skill foreign graduates in the first-rung corporate jobs needed by U.S. graduates.

This cheap and compliant labor force of visa workers takes career opportunities and salaries from millions of U.S. college graduates, including many Democratic-voting progressives.

“The vast majority of these foreigners are not the best and brightest,” Lynn said. “They’re here looking for a work permit and an eventual pathway to citizenship.”

Migration also pushes up housing costs and mortgage rates, making it more difficult for U.S. graduates to get married and raise children.

The Amnesty Lobby

The Biden D-3 amnesty is being pushed by many employers who prefer to hire desperate migrants instead of competing for American hires with high salary offers.

Breitbart News has reported on how Biden’s amnesty emerged in April from lobbying by, Mark Zuckerberg’s lobby group for West Coast investors.

The founders of include many consumer-economy investors whose wealth is multiplied 20-fold when the stock market forecasts decades of extra profits whenever the government extracts cheap labor, government-funded consumers, and room-sharing renters from poor countries.

The breadth of investors who joined with Zuckerberg to found and fund in 2013 was hidden from casual visitors to the group’s website. But copies exist at the other sites. has shared staff with the American Business Immigration Coalition (ABIC), which consists of construction, real estate, energy, healthcare, and retail companies.

Rebecca Shih, a Chinese immigrant who is the executive director of ABIC, urged the activists and corporate lobbyists on the call to continue pressing for gains. “This is a really, really good time to remind your Members [of Congress] of your particular story, whether that of a family, a dreamer or an employer,” she said. also helped to create the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration, which tries to maximize the inflow of foreign workers via the universities and the Curricular Practical Training work permit. The alliance group issued an explainer about the visa route, as well as PR talking points for activists:

This is a smart, strategic approach that enables these individuals to adjust their status and fill critical workforce needs while ensuring that U.S. employers and communities benefit from their contributions and talent.

The Washington Post offered sympathetic profiles about the migrants who want U.S. white-collar jobs, here:

Melany, 21, who spoke on the condition that her last name not be used because she is fearful that Trump could be elected again, is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico who recently earned a computer science degree from Duke University.

and here:

In one such case, Kai Martin, 40, a DACA [migrant] recipient living in Washington, D.C., lost her job five months ago because her [legal] renewal was delayed. She finally received her new work authorization two weeks ago, but the nonprofit she was working for had not been able to hold the position for her.

But those articles ignored the millions of young Americans struggling to get decent white-collar jobs, apartments, and homes.

“Americans have gone into debt to get a college degree because they were told, the way to success is to get a college degree,” said Lynn. “Right now, their prospects are looking dimmer every day.”

Extraction Migration

Since 2019, roughly 75 percent of all additional jobs have gone to Biden’s flood of roughly 10 million new migrants, including foreign contract workers, blue-collar illegal aliens, and legal immigrants. His inflow has delivered roughly one migrant for each American birth.

The inflated supply of consumers and workers is a deliberate economic strategy — dubbed Extraction Migration. It ensures lower salaries, less corporate investment in productivity-raising, high-tech workplaces, higher housing costs — and higher stock values for consumer-economy and real estate investors on Wall Street.

“Our programs — [including] our skilled worker programs — are far outdated to really meet the economic needs as well as the economic opportunities [for migrants] that immigration can provide,” Biden’s border chief said on January 2023.

“We look to the north … [where] Canada realized that it has a 1-million-person labor shortage there, and they are bringing in approximately 1.4 million migrants this year to address that labor shortage,” he said.

Since then, Canada’s immigration policy has proved disastrous for Canadians and the Canadian economy.



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