WATCH: Minneapolis Protesters Accost Truck Driver Following Conviction of Derek Chauvin

Matt Perdie / Breitbart News

Black Lives Matter demonstrators blocking the streets in Minneapolis accosted the driver of a tractor-trailer attempting to drive his route. The marchers took over the streets following the conviction of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd.

As protesters spoke to in the streets, a tractor-trailer approached the crowd, Breitbart News reported from the scene. Protesters appeared to move the speaker out of the way as the rig approached.

In the video, the driver blared his horn to clear the street and proceed. The crowd blocked his way and began shouting at the driver and beating on his truck.

“Hit him again,” one protester yells. “You f**king hit him again.”

One of the protesters climbs up on the step by the driver’s door and begins beating on the window. Another man climbs onto the hood of the truck and yells, “Are you out of your f**king mind?”

“You’re gonna be f**ked up big, boy,” another protester exclaimed.

“Today is not the day,” another protester says while trying to move people away from the truck.

The driver of the truck blares his horn again and begins pulling through the crowd who gets out of the way, the video shows.

The driver managed to make the turn and begins driving away as people continue to drop off the side of the tractor.

Angered protesters continued to chase the truck as he cleared the crowd and drove away.

It does not appear that anyone was injured in the incident.

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