Hollywood's Angelina Jolie Headed for Victory in Waxman Race

Hollywood's Angelina Jolie Headed for Victory in Waxman Race

A new video from political technology startup Crowdpac asks voters whether they will support Angelina Jolie in her upcoming California congressional primary this week.

Jolie’s new film, Maleficent, was the winner at last weekend’s box office. And there really is a congressional race in Hollywood, to replace retiring Democrat Rep. Henry Waxman. 

The only problem: Jolie is not on any ballot.

“How do you feel about Angelina Jolie deciding to enter politics?” the interviewer asks a random Angeleno.

“Well, she’s not doing well in acting, so why not? She’s got my vote,” says one dreadlocked man.

“Do you support Angelina Jolie’s promise to open orphanages for under-privileged children in Los Angeles?” he asked another.

“Well, yeah, totally…she can only adopt so many, so opening up orphanages is the perfect way to do it.”

In a nod to the “lie witness news” style of comedian Jimmy Kimmel–who is also listed as a candidate–the interviewer also asked several people on Hollywood Boulevard whether it was the right decision for Donald Sterling to drop out of the race. 

“With Sterling out of the race, how do you feel about Sylvester Stallone leading the polls?”

“That’s scary,” said one man. 

“I’m voting for Rocky, baby!” said another.

Crowdpac is a non-partisan voting guide that aims to educate voters about candidates and their political postures ahead of elections. The Crowdpac motto: “Vote wisely, not blindly.”