UC Irvine Republicans Mock Obama

UC Irvine Republicans Mock Obama

The UC Irvine chapter of Young Americans for Liberty was unimpressed by the fact that Barack Obama gave the university’s Saturday commencement address at Angel Stadium, creating a mock “program schedule” for the event. The post read like this:

Program Schedule:

            Barack Obama 12:00-12:15

Hope and Change: Recalling all those empty promises and false hopes

            Barack Obama  12:15-12:25

Education Subsidies: I know the more we subsidize our education, the higher the tuition gets-but come on, we can’t stop now!           

Barack Obama  12:25-12:35

Let Me Be Clear: If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan. Period … I mean … asterisk.

            Barack Obama  12:35-12:50

My Commitment to Change: My change to support spying on you with the PATRIOT ACT/NSA, Guantanamo Bay torturing, deporting more people than George W. Bush, continuing the war on drugs, spending your future away, and bailing out my cronies and the ones on Wall Street … but wait, there’s more!

            Barack Obama  12:50-1:00

Nation Building: How I continued George W. Bush’s policy and got you to love it.

P.S. Watch out for that drone hovering above! Americans were killed without trial along with many children- and I have a Nobel Peace Prize too!

A second post featured a picture of Obama with a mock message to the graduates which read:

            Dear UC Irvine Graduate:

Congratulations on completing your education from this prestigious institute of higher learning! You truly all have a bright future ahead of yourselves as leaders of this great state and nation!

Good luck on landing your first job! Only 47% of you will be able to find a job in your preferred field. So make no mistake, I hope you’re still on good terms with your parents. While at home, you’ll have plenty of time to pick up on some new skills.

Once you get that job, you better start saving. Let me be clear, as a new taxpayer, your share of the new debt is well over $150,000! Politicians have spent decades making lavish promises to American workers and you’ll have to chip in your fair share to pay for their retirement!

            President Barack Obama

            Congratulations Graduate!

            Young Americans for Liberty At University of California-Irvine


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