PETA May Be on the Hook for Fines If 'Jackass' Steve-O Charged in 'SeaWorld Sucks' Stunt

PETA May Be on the Hook for Fines If 'Jackass' Steve-O Charged in 'SeaWorld Sucks' Stunt

Last May Steve-O of MTV’s crude TV show Jackass, climbed onto a San Diego freeway sign that listed Sea World Drive and posted the word “SUCKS” directly over Drive to read “Sea World SUCKS;” an act for which he is now likely to face charges.

California Highway Patrol turned the results of their investigation in to the San Diego District Attorney with a recommendation to pursue vandalism and trespassing charges against Stephen “Steve-O” Gilchrist according to 10 News.

After the stunt, the 40 year-old exhibitionist posted the exploit to YouTube in which he says, “I’m putting my foot down for Shamu.” In what could be considered a publicity stunt for Gilchrist, he may find himself off the hook for any fines. An August news release from the animal activist organization PETA praised the stunt and said PETA staff pledged to pay a rumored $7,000 fine NBC San Diego reported.

Steve-O’s Twitter description reads, “I do dumb things” with a link to his YouTube channel. The video now has just shy of one million views. An Instagram post from the stunt includes the words, “bring on the publicity.”

SeaWorld has faced both criticism and support over their live sea animal performances. The crux of criticism has manifested in the 2013 documentary Blackfish which highly criticizes treatment of the park’s orcas.

A previous Breitbart report stated, “SeaWorld has posted responses to many aspects of the Blackfish documentary, including criticism of the qualifications and connections of scientists and animal rights activists involved in the film. The response also questions details given in the film regarding the death of a SeaWorld trainer and the commentary from former park employees.”

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