Video Captures Mountain Lion Standing on Top of Vehicle

Video Captures Mountain Lion Standing on Top of Vehicle

Surveillance video footage captured a mountain lion standing on top of a vehicle in front of a home in San Jose, California this week, prompting the owner to make the video public in an attempt to inform his neighbors to “pay attention to the wildlife situation” in his region.

San Jose is frequented by animals such as deer, turkeys, and sometimes even wild boar and coyotes. However, seeing a mountain lion in the area is much rarer. 

“I didn’t expect that,” said David Tang. Tang heard his car’s alarm go off at 2:50 am on Tuesday morning. Initially, he thought “someone passed by” his car which had set the alarm off, according to the Los Angeles Times. “People walk around here at night time and walk with their dogs, so it’s dangerous for the people if they don’t know,” Tang said in an interview with ABC San Francisco. 

After he reviewed footage from his surveillance camera, Tang realized that it was a mountain lion that had triggered the car’s alarm system by hopping on top of it. Tang and his neighbors believe the mountain lion will be back.

Approximately 10 miles away in Cupertino last week, a mountain lion attacked a six-year-old boy, leaving him with a laceration on his neck. Authorities were able to track down the lion and kill it.


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