Company Offers Marijuana Leaf, Ebola Hazmat Halloween Costumes for Children

Company Offers Marijuana Leaf, Ebola Hazmat Halloween Costumes for Children

An online costume retailer is stirring controversy with its provocative Halloween costume offerings, which include a marijuana leaf, a cigarette, and an Ebola Hazmat suit. 

Alongside the more traditional costumes on display at, such as Super Mario, Roger Rabbit, and Sonic the Hedgehog, is the Ebola Containment Suit Costume, sure to be “the most ‘viral’ costume of the year.”

BrandsOnSale owner Jonathan Weeks told CBS Los Angeles that he does not expect everyone to be supportive of the more provocative costumes.

“Halloween is one day out of the year you can dress up and be anything you’re not the other 364 days,” Weeks said. “We kind of know people are not going to be 100 percent thrilled with it, but it’s Halloween.”

According to Weeks, the more provocative costumes are the company’s top sellers. Weeks told CBS the Ebola costume was this year’s “hottest costume in the Unites States.”

Weeks also said in the report that the company holds roundtable discussions for each proposed costume idea to make sure they are not “pushing the envelope too far.”

But some concerned parents and grandparents think the envelope has already been pushed to that point.

“I would not want my grandkids in that,” Cynthia Moreno told CBS, referring to the company’s children’s cigarette costume.

In addition to the marijuana leaf costume, shoppers can also pick up a fake marijuana joint prop, glitter pot leaf glasses, and a special marijuana baked potato costume for adults.



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