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San Diego Locals Being Monitored for Ebola

San Diego Locals Being Monitored for Ebola

Three individuals who have recently returned to San Diego County from West Africa are being monitored for Ebola, but have been labeled as “low risk” and are described as having no symptoms of the deadly disease. 

According to NBC San Diego, the three do not have any travel or movement restrictions and can carry on with their daily activities as normal. They are not healthcare workers, but were traveling for leisure in West Africa. Health officials determined that they had not had any contact with individuals who have been diagnosed with Ebola “as far as county health officials know,” notes NBC. 

Their monitoring will continue for 21 days. 

Ebola is only contagious once symptoms start showing. On Wednesday, the State of California issued its own set of Ebola quarantine guidelines, which states that only individuals who have had contact with people infected with the deadly virus in West Africa will be required to undergo a 21-day quarantine upon their return to the Golden State. 

So far, 19 people in California are being monitored for the hemorrhagic disease, and one has been quarantined. The California Department of Public Health has announced that it will post figures every Friday to its website to show the number of people it is monitoring.

The incubation period for Ebola ranges anywhere between two to 21 days. 


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