Median San Francisco Rent Skyrockets to $4,225 per Month

New Study Names San Francisco As Most Expensive To Buy A Home

San Francisco, home to a profusion of left-wing ideologists contemptuous of one-percenters, now commands a hefty median rent of $4,225 a month.

Overall, the San Francisco Chronicle reports that the San Francisco Metropolitan region is the fastest growing rental market in the USA.

According to Zillow, the entire Bay Area shows a sizzling-hot rental market over the last year. Skyrocketing rents in Oakland are up 21.6%; Berkeley, up 30.9%; Emeryville, up 29.5; and San Jose, up 14%. Even rents in Daly City are up over 200%.

Rents are accelerating to the point that Silicon Valley tech elites are looking elsewhere to hook up their routers, plant their flat screens and park their electric vehicles.

A comparable apartment in the heart of Kansas City, MO might fetch about a $1,000/month.


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