Donnelly Joins Bus Brigade Against Vaccine Mandate Bill

Tim Donnelly (Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)
Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press

Californians against school vaccine bill SB 277, led by former State Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, are heading from southern California up to Sacramento in a brigade of buses to take a stand against the pending legislation.

SB 277, which mandates vaccination for public and private school children, is set for debate in the State Assembly’s Health Committee Tuesday at 1:30 p.m.

Donnelly told Breitbart News, “I’m proud to ride on one of the “Freedom Buses” headed to Sacramento–that was funded by grassroots activists both Republican and Democrat–to demonstrate effective opposition to a Government determined to take away the freedom of parents to choose what’s best for their kids.”

Legislators and speakers are scheduled to address the public at 10 a.m. on the west steps of the Capitol building, according to Californians for Health Choice. The group of bus travelers, and others opposing the legislation, have been encouraged to wear red.

SB 277 would abolish parents’ ability to opt their children out of one or more state required vaccinations on the basis of “personal belief.” The bill has seen heated and heavy debate in committees of the Democrat-dominated legislature. states, “The question isn’t whether or not you think vaccination is the right thing to do. The question is whether or not you think you should maintain the ability to make that decision for your children, or if you are going to let the government take it from you.” (Original emphasis)

The bill’s authors, State Senators Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) and Ben Allen (D-Santa Monica), argue that the new restriction would still allow for educational options for those choosing to opt out of one or more mandated vaccines.

“This measure will ensure that students whose parents choose to not vaccinate them have several educational options that don’t put other children at risk of contracting vaccine-preventable diseases,” Pan said after the bill passed through the Senate Education Committee. It has since passed through the Senate, and moved on to the State Assembly for consideration.

Parents choosing to not administer even one of the required vaccinations will be relegated to the options of home school or independent study, should the bill pass the Assembly and proceed to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk to be signed into law. If it is enacted, California would become only the third state to deny vaccine opt-outs on either a personal or religious belief basis.

Outside the recent California Democrat Convention, Californians gathered by the hundreds to protest the bill. Actress and Director Jenna Elfman spoke on camera with Breitbart News to share why she joined the group opposing the legislation, even though she vaccinates her children.

A crop of vaccine bills, including SB 277, showed up in the California legislature following an outbreak of measles that began in Anaheim’s Disneyland theme park last December. The outbreak was declared officially over April 17.

Three buses will leave Monday night for Sacramento from Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, and San Diego. The group is also working on funding another L.A. bus, as the current bus has already been filled.

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